4 reason to specify a Catnic thermally broken lintels

4 reasons to specify a Catnic thermally broken lintels

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Specifying Catnic’s Thermally Broken Lintels (TBLs) will significantly improve the thermal efficiency of a property and help ensure that the project’s necessary environmental credentials are met. Here’s why:

  • A Complete Thermal Break
  • Improved Thermal Performance
  • Guaranteed Compliance
  • Easier Specification

1. A Complete Thermal Break

Catnic’s TBLs are the only lintel currently on the market to include a complete thermal break between the inner and outer leaf of a cavity wall. Dedicated adhesive is used to bond the powder coated steel element to the high density insulating core – as the lintel does not include brackets, a complete thermal break can be promised. This improves the thermal performance of the lintel, providing industry leading results.

2. Improved Thermal Performance

In a typical 4 bedroom house, with a floor area of 57m2, the amount of heat lost through a standard lintel can account for as much as 6% of the overall heat loss through the fabric of the house.

Catnic TBLs can reduce this figure to as little as 0.25%. And when looking at heat loss through the window head detail, a TBL can reduce losses by up to 96%, improving the thermal efficiency of a structure.

3. Guaranteed Compliance

Catnic TBLs offer a guaranteed linear thermal transmittance Psi value of 0.05 W/mK or less, and we are the only manufacturer who can make this promise.

Part L of the Building Regulations 2013 (which includes the Fabric Energy Efficiency Standard) focuses on the thermal performance for walls, floors and roofs. When specifying a TBL, these guidelines are easily complied with, as TBLs have a Psi value of no more than 0.05W/mk – a requirement outlined in Appendix R of SAP 2012.

4. Easier Specification

Specifying Catnic TBLs can be done with ease as they have the same safe working loads as Catnic’s traditional lintels – meaning TBLs can be specified like for like. Catnic TBLs can also be used for standard duty, heavy duty and extra heavy use, making them suitable for a wide range of projects.

All of Catnic’s lintels, including its TBLs, are also CE marked to EN 845-2 and Structural Testing is independently carried out by The University of South Wales following EN845-2 & EN846-9. This is a guarantee that Catnic TBLs are a quality solution.

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