Catnic urban cladding installed on apartment building

Urban Seam Facade

A limited combustibility wall system suitable for use on buildings over 11m tall.

catnic urban cladding installation apartment complex

What makes Urban Seam® Façade different

Fully supported standing seam cladding systems are typically supported by and fixed back to continuous plywood or OSB backing board. In the Urban Seam® Façade system the combustible backing board has been replaced by a non-combustible profiled steel deck. The profiled steel deck is fixed back to a helping hand rail and bracket system which in turn is fixed back to a typical steel frame system. All insulation, sheathing boards and plasterboard used must also be classified as A1 or A2-s1, d0. The system, manufactured from Colorcoat® Prisma pre finished steel has been independently verified by with full scale CWCT testing for wind resistance, water tightness and hard & soft body impacts, and is British Board of Agrement Approved.

The waterfront low rise apartment building using Catnic Urban cladding

Made in the UK

Manufactured in Shotton, North Wales, Catnic's Urban Seam® standing seam façade system consists of an A1 rated pre-finished steel profile, fixed to a Tata Steel Trisobuild® D32s carrier sheet. This construction makes the system ideal for multi-occupancy apartments, student accommodation, hotels, and mixed use buildings. It also future proofs the cladding element from changes in building regulations. The finish provides a stunning, but robust, aesthetic finish, with a contemporary colour palette. Quick build times are possible with neat crisp finishes to complement design and build choices.

Colorcoat Prisma® pre-finished steel by Tata Steel

The latest generation in pre-finished steel products, Colorcoat Prisma® is a three layer product, utilising cutting-edge clear coat technology to provide an optimised pre-finished steel product that pushes the boundaries of UV and corrosion performance. Enabling a wide range of contemporary aesthetic colours, that are truly built to last.

Catnic urban roofing and cladding installation in black

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