Colorcoat® by Tata Steel

For nearly 60 years Tata Steel has developed a range of technically leading Colorcoat® pre-finished steel products which have been comprehensively tested and manufactured to the highest quality standards.

Colorcoat® products are supported by a range of services such as comprehensive guarantees, colour consultancy and technical support and guidance.

As the first pre-finished steel manufacturer to secure BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing standard for Colorcoat® products 14 years ago, the Colorcoat® manufacturing site in the UK also has an environmental management system which has been certified to ISO 14001, as well as ISO 50001 Energy Management.

These long term credentials underpin the Colorcoat® commitment to sustainability, more of which can be found here

Extensively used for roofs and walls applications in projects including industrial and commercial, schools, retail, leisure and residential; Catnic® Urban can offer Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® and Colorcoat Prisma® both made in the UK, fully REACH compliant and free of chromates.

Designed to withstand even the most demanding and aggressive environments

Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel provides super durability and corrosion resistance surpassing RC5+ as per EN 10169:2022. Guaranteed for up to 40 years it is backed up with even more extreme testing and real world global data to demonstrate the best combination of excellent colour stability, gloss retention and outstanding durability. This offers a sustainable solution for the building envelope where longevity and durability are imperative over the life of the building.

Download the Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® colour card here to discover full range of colours available

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