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Catnic SolarSeam

Reap the rewards of renewable energy with Catnic SolarSeam, a standing seam roof with integrated bonded solar panels

Catnic solarseam installation

Integrated solar solution

With Catnic SolarSeam, it’s now easier to integrate solar panels into the building fabric while protecting integrity of the overall design. This standing seam roof with bonded solar panel delivers an efficient and effective roofing system that performs just as well as it looks. Unlike traditional mounted solar PV systems, Catnic SolarSeam is bonded to the roof panel, offsite, creating a low-profile and seamless finish that’s guaranteed to produce energy for 25 years.

Catnic solarseam roof installation

Seamless finish

Catnic SolarSeam uses CIGS technology (Copper Indium Gallium Selenide), thin-film solar cells to convert sunlight to energy which is ideally suited to the UK climate. This single soltuion saves on materials, installation and maintenance when compared to traditional crystalline modules and comes complete as a full kit of parts that includes Catnic Urban roof profiles with bonded solar laminates, plus flashing, fixings and membrane.

Seams perfect

  • Uncompromised aesthetic, seamlessly bonded solution

    Providing a beautiful finish to both old and modern properties with solar technology seamlessly blended into roof, no visible panels, or fixings

  • Lightweight, flexible & robust

    Lightweight solar roof offering savings on carbon footprint, materials, installation, and maintenance in comparison with standard crystalline panels. No need for south facing installations or additional wind load calculations as there is no frame, the laminate is bonded directly to the roof panel profile

  • Low maintenance, self-cleaning

    Energy loss from debris on the panels is minimised as solar modules have a textured self-cleaning top layer, providing hassle free maintenance and minimizing glare to enhance light capture and energy performance

  • Plug & play solution

    Supplied as a complete kit of parts for your solar and roof, only a certified MCS contractor is required post fit to connect the system

  • Low level light performance

    High shade tolerance through multiple bypass diode design, resulting in better low level light performance. Captures light even outside times of peak sun, meaning longer periods of energy generation

  • Fire rated, certified highest rating B ROOF (t4)

    Catnic Urban standing seam roof with an OSB base and BiPVco solar modules has been tested in accordance with CEN/TS 1187-4 and classified as: B ROOF(t4) for external fire performance of roofs & roof coverings, this is the highest rating possible, with no penetration of the roof system within 60 minutes

  • MCS Certified

    MCS certified CIGS laminate with 135W/m2 output, all modules are electrically tested before and after being laminated to the Catnic Urban metal roof substrate

  • Multiple guarantees; Roof, solar, energy performance

    25-year Confidex® Home Guarantee applies to the Catnic Urban roof substrate. 10-year solar product guarantee and 25-year solar performance guarantee, provided by BiPVco.

  • Single installation, no secondary fixings

    Solar laminates are pre bonded to the Urban profiles, providing long term durability, removing the need for frames and fixings

CIGS laminated solar modules

Catnic SolarSeam uses CIGS laminated solar modules, certified to MCS 017, that are adhered to the product under factory controlled conditions prior to installation on the property.

Providing a range of benefits when compared to traditional crystalline solar panels, including savings on materials (solar frame, clips and cable trays) and installation costs as you only need one company to install the roof ready for an MCS certified contractor to connect the system.

We have software to simulate the expected power output for your roof in your building’s specific location and orientation, please contact our team for more information.

Catnic solarseam closeup

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