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We offer a 25 year, Confidex® Home guarantee. The guarantee is written in line with UK consumer law and can be transferred from one homeowner, to the next, for its duration. The guarantee must be applied for by the property owner. For industrial and commercial projects, they may be eligible for a guarantee up to 40-years. Discover more here

Whilst we do not manufacture a curved product the Urban Seam profile can self curve when applied to a minimum radius of 8m.

Yes, colour matching for soffit, fascia and gutter is available.

Yes, these are available and can be colour matched. Raking cuts of the panels must be completed on site, by the installer.

Yes, Catnic Urban can work around rooflights and alternative roof penetrations, such as chimneys and flue pipes. Work instructions available upon request please email catnic.urban@tatasteeleurope.com

The roof is no noisier than standard slate, concrete or clay tile. The Catnic Urban roof system is nailed to a substrate of either a SIP Panel, Ply or OSB3 board, and as a result the transfer of airborne noise is in many cases less than that of alternative materials

Yes, there are 2 options are available for the integration of solar/PV:
1. Solar clamps can be purchased, to fasten to the seam. A rail is then attached to the clamps and the solar panel is attached to the rail.
2.Urban SolarSeam, is a integrated solar laminate, bonded to our Colorcoat Prisma® pre-finished steel. This provides a less intrusive, visual aesthetic. Further details available upon request

Yes, Catnic Urban is suitable for both cold and warm roof build-ups. However, warm roof build-ups, will need to be approved by building regulations and the insulation provider, to ensure the build-up is sufficient, to avoid condensation.

Standard panel width, is 305mm or 514mm, from seam to seam.
High wind areas should look to utilise the narrower, 305mm wide panel

Panels are made to measure.
They can be made to any size, between 2m and 12.5m
Roof and wall spans, exceeding 12.5m, can be covered using the staggered jointing detail, or horizontal wall drip flashing. Details available, on request.

There are 8 standard stocked colours available. These are a matt finish, in our HPS200 Ultra coating. Colours from outside of this range, are available, but have a longer lead time, of 8-12 weeks. The full range of colours, can be viewed here

The cost varies depending upon the complexity of the project. Estimated prices can be obtained online sing our FREE pricing tool

Standard lead time is 20 working days from receipt of payment or PO. Colours outside of the stocked range subject to extended lead times

Yes, Catnic Urban is BBA approved for roof and wall applications. You can download the certification here

To place your order simply send your final site measure to catnic.urban@tatasteeleurope.com

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