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‘Total watts’ represents the maximum array the solar can generate under ideal conditions.

The two sizes relate to the width of the profiles. The 514mm is our standard width profile. The solar laminate runs down the profile leaving around 78mm of space either side between the laminate and the profile seam.

The 390mm profile is only available for SolarSeam™ projects. The solar laminate will run down the profile in the same fashion as the 514mm profiles but leaving only 16mm of space either side.

When choosing your size profile, it is worth noting that due to being narrower the 390mm profiles can fit additional panels and therefore solar laminates. When looking for maximum power output, the 390mm profile delivers more output.

Once the system is set up, the wiring will run under the ridge cap so that they are not visible.

Your inverter will be decided by your MCS accredited installer. Catnic do not supply or advise on the inverter. We can provide a list of MCS accredited installers for you to choose from.

Catnic supply the product only. We do not install but can supply a list of installers for you to choose from.

Alternatively, we offer a one day installers course for those with some roofing knowledge. This course enables customers to install their own roofs. See details on our installers course here.

We supply the junction boxes and cables to daisy chain the solar laminates together. You will then need to source an MCS accredited installer to connect the system. Inverters will also need to be sourced separately.

We do not offer a retrofitting service. Instead we would recommend using a clip and fix monocrystalline system, which we can supply the solar clips for.

The reason for this is that most of our roof systems are coated in Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra®, and this material is not suitable for bonded solar. Our solar roofs are fitted onto the material Colorcoat Prisma®. If you were to retrofit, the ridge would need removing and holes cut into Z-bars for the cabling.

If you are still interested in this route and have the correct coating on your roof (Colorcoat Prisma®), please contact us on and we can provide details of our solar laminate supplier.

The solar laminates are bonded to the profiles so the metal on our profiles will not absorb any of the heat directly. Heat would need to be transitioned through the PV.

As the solar modules are so thin, they disperse heat instantaneously so there is very little heat build-up.

The modules are fully operational between -40°c and +80°c so performance is not affected.

We suggest a rough cost of around £1.95 per watt.

The Urban Roof Sheet with bonded PV panels achieves a fire classification of BROOF(t4) in accordance with EN 13501-5 2016 for roof pitches between 10 degrees and 70 degrees.

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