Staying Strong for Half a Century

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To mark our 50th birthday, throughout 2019 we will be delving into the Catnic archives to share some of the company’s most memorable moments from across the past five decades. 

From imaginative print advertising campaigns to insightful newsletters for customers, Catnic has created some attention grabbing creative throughout the last 50 years – ensuring that as a brand it remained at the forefront of the steel industry.

The first Catnic newsletter was distributed in 1971, just two years after the introduction of the brand. The initial newsletters provide a unique insight into the success that Catnic experienced in its early years – demonstrating that despite the economic issues experience at the time, Catnic was able to quadruple production in the first 18 months.

In the company’s 10th year, the newsletter welcomed Larry , a popular cartoonist from many of the major British newspapers and magazines of the era, and began to publish a number of amusing cartoons that included key Catnic products. These cartoon images were also utilised for print advertising material in the early 1980s. 

These were followed by campaigns featuring detailed illustrations, images of global construction landmarks – including Stonehenge and the Pyramids – members of the Big Cat family, and even a guest appearance from Sir Henry Cooper, British boxing champion.

Looking back, it is evident that the majority of this archived material is a product of its time, however each piece plays a role in telling the story of Catnic and understanding the journey that the brand has taken to remain a leading UK manufacturer of steel construction products.

Archive Images