Catnic T shaped lintel built into external solid wall

What are inverted T lintels?

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Inverted T lintels are a type of steel lintel suitable for external solid wall applications. They provide support over structural openings and are designed for use in walls that are 200 to 215mm thick, accounting for a double thickness of brick or concrete block.

Being designed for external solid walls where thermal insulation is positioned on the external or internal face of the wall, integral insulation is not part of the lintel design.

How are inverted T lintels installed?

The lintels comprise a base plate designed to suit the thickness of the solid wall thickness, with a perpendicular plate in the centre for rigidity. Masonry is built up either side of the central plate to continue the solid wall construction over the structural opening.

Generally speaking, inverted T lintels are suited to standard loading conditions. For external solid walls featuring heavy or extra heavy duty loading conditions, a suitable ‘box with toe’ lintel should be used instead.

Specifying Catnic inverted T lintels

The Catnic lintel product selector can be used to help choose inverted T lintels for suitable external solid walls. The tool allows you to filter by wall type and loading condition, displaying the relevant products from the complete Catnic range.

In addition, contact Catnic to benefit from expert advice about lintel specification and how inverted T bar lintels can be used on your specific project.

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