Catnic heavy duty box lintel for 100mm interior solid wall shown in situ

Steel lintels for internal solid walls

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Steel lintels for internal solid walls

Steel lintels for solid (i.e., masonry) internal walls are a cost effective and high performance solution, providing a balance of strength, weight, and durability. Different designs of lintel are available to suit different applications and loading conditions.

Internal walls are within a building’s thermal envelope, and therefore heat loss is not an issue. Lintels offered for solid internal wall applications therefore do not feature integral insulation

What type of lintels are available for solid internal walls?

A typical load-bearing internal wall is 100mm wide. For solid internal walls that do not fall into this category, lintel widths can range from 75mm to 150mm depending on the size of the masonry.

Corrugated Lintels

Corrugated lintels are used in extra light duty scenarios for 75mm and 100mm thick walls, being suitable for nominal domestic loading.

Channel Lintels

For light duty loading/applications, channel lintels provide the necessary support in 100mm internal walls. They can bear masonry loads and timber floor loads and are installed with the blockwork sitting inside the channel.

Box Lintels

Among the different applications for box lintels , those offered for internal solid walls are suitable for standard, heavy or extra heavy duty loading conditions, such as direct floor or roof loads, or concrete floor loads. They are designed for 100mm and 140/150mm wide masonry.

Specifying Catnic lintels for solid internal walls

Using the Catnic lintel product selector, specifiers can identify internal wall lintel options based on wall thickness and loading condition. The selector tool provides links to individual product pages where the right length of lintel, based on opening size, can be chosen. There is also advice on ensuring correct installation practice is followed.

As well as internal wall lintels, the product selector can be used to specify external solid wall and cavity wall lintels, and timber frame lintels. Technical support from Catnic is also available to discuss any questions relating to lintel choice, loading duty or non-standard requirements. Contact us to discuss the details of your project.

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