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How would I benefit from lintel scheduling?

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Lintel scheduling is an effective way of identifying all the required lintels for a project - allowing for ease of installation throughout the development, with a clear, precise description of each lintel, including its location, price and delivery time.

The success of a project can only be assessed on the strength of its core components, and correct specification of structural elements such as lintels is crucial in the initial design phase. If a lintel is not fit for purpose, it will eventually need to be replaced, disrupting an entire project and increasing the estimated time of completion. In some cases, this can even result in serious structural failure, so a full, comprehensive lintel schedule, such as Catnic’s Lintel Advanced Scheduling Service (CLASS) is recommended.

A lintel scheduling service takes customers’ drawings, and uses them to produce a full list of lintels for their specific project. This provides housebuilders, architects or anyone else involved in a building project with a clear, concise document detailing all the required lintels – simplifying the entire process and providing a single point of contact.

Scheduling makes it possible to bypass the need for third party structural engineers, and with the CLASS service Catnic takes on the responsibility and ensures that the customer receives a fully backed up priced lintel schedule, detailing what lintels are required over each individual opening.

Offered as a free service, Catnic’s CLASS was created to provide customers with invaluable support from its expert technical team. CLASS also has the added advantage of scheduling additional products that are required for the same project – for example soffit cladding,, metre box lintels, PVC arch centres and Juliet balconies. Furthermore, the CLASS scheduling service acts as a database that collates all details and technical drawings from all existing customers. This gives users the opportunity to review a full history of their projects and enable a quicker service for future ones.

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