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How can steel lintels facilitate non-standard construction?

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Despite the terminology, non-standard construction is increasingly commonplace and the correct structural elements must be specified to make the design intention a reality. These non-standard building elements include window and door arches, bay windows, feature glazing and large format folding doors.

The lintels designed specifically for arches provide a simple way to create a wide range of arch types including, apex, elliptical, parabolic, semi-circular, gothic and venetian. In addition, a bulls-eye lintel that forms a full circle allows the integration of round windows into a building design. To produce the same arches using self-supporting brickwork requires in-depth calculations and careful design based on the specific characteristics of the building. In comparison, bespoke steel lintels offer a cost-effective solution and allow these design features to be incorporated into a far wider range of properties. Catnic offers this design service free of charge. Our engineers will look at the plans and assess the load above opening and then design a bespoke lintel to suit the customer need and loading conditions.

Additionally, special ‘curved on plan’ steel lintels, also known as radius or bow lintels, allow the design freedom to create curved walls with window and door openings. Each lintel is manufactured specifically to suit the radius of the wall. As well as lintels for square and splayed bay windows, mitred corner lintels facilitate an uninterrupted window opening on two perpendicular walls.

Furthermore, a building design may include significant expanses of glazing or large folding doors for which extra-long spans are required. To achieve this, bespoke lintels with higher load capacities can be manufactured. Extreme duty lintels are available in 6.6 metre lengths to create a 6.2 metre clear span. These higher capacity lintels can also be used for smaller openings where the loading is higher.

To accommodate cant or chamfered brickwork, or where the plans require the lintel outer flange to be hidden, reduced toe lintels, also known as short outer leaf (SOL) lintels can be used.

Catnic’s Lintel Advanced Scheduling Service (CLASS) is a comprehensive service that produces a full list of the lintels required for the project from the customers’ drawings. This provides housebuilders, architects and contractors with a clear, concise document detailing all the required lintels – simplifying the entire process and providing a single point of contact. The CLASS service is offered free of charge and removes the need to employ separate structural engineers, as we take on the responsibility and ensure that the customer receives a fully backed up priced lintel schedule.

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