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Catnic product: Standard Lintels

Project name: Minster View

Project type: Multiple housing development

Specifier: Linden Homes

Location: Beverley, Yorkshire

A stylish new residential development by Linden Homes, offering stunning views of the Minster in Beverley, Yorkshire, is featuring the use of Catnic steel lintels: in particular for an arch structure spanning a driveway between two of the larger properties.

Part of Galliford Try, Linden Homes is constructing 130 new two, three and four bedroom homes on what was a genuine brownfield site in the old northern industrial town, with purchase prices ranging from £140-240 K. They are traditionally built with a blend of brick types being used to create distinctive elevations, also offering very good insulation performance.

All of the standard and bespoke steel lintels for the development, known as St Nicholas Gate, were supplied to site by specialist merchant chain, Hendricks Civils.

"This is an interesting development on a site which was formerly occupied by chemical works and part of the old army transport museum, but which enjoys fantastic views of Beverley Minster. We are now about halfway through the build programme, and we are using Catnic Lintels for all of the phases. "The wall construction uses a fully filled 100 mm cavity between brick and blockwork, outer and inner leaves. As well as the normal door and window openings some of the house types also have a set of bi-folding French doors where the total span is 2.5 metres. And then there are the very big arched lintels we used to create a feature arch between two houses, which accesses a sort of vehicle courtyard, and is quite impressive. We got technical assistance from Catnic and Hendricks for that element of the work and the supply of the lintels has gone smoothly throughout."

 – Gary Coles, Linden Homes site agent

Catnic lintels are manufactured from hot-dipped galvanized steel. For the unique Duplex corrosion protection, a coating of thermal setting polyester powder is applied by an electrostatic process. High temperature curing then produces a tough dur able surface to enable the product to be highly resistant to impact, abrasion and damage; this enables ease of on-site handling.