Heavy Duty Steel Lintels for Family Home Renovation | Maris Properties

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Catnic product: Standard  and Heavy Duty Lintels

Project name: Maris Properties

Project type: Multiple housing development

Specifier: Maris Properties

Location: Thurstonfield, Carlisle

The development includes 19 four bedroom detached properties, each of which contains 14 lintels that support the large glass windows throughout the internal fabric of the buildings. An external facing brick construction method was used and the windows feature sandstone heads above each window unit, adding to the unique design of the homes. 

The larger windows in the development required slightly different specification lintels, supplied through Travis Perkins Currock Road, Carlisle. To specify the correct lintels and ensure Maris Properties and Local Building Authority Controls (LABC) were happy with the product, Maris used the Catnic Lintel Advanced Scheduling Service. 

The useful service identified the optimum lintels for Maris Properties. It helped specify standard and heavy-duty CG & CH 120mm cavity lintels with medium density block, based on Maris Properties’ own drawings of the development. The specified lintels had a bearing on whether the house would reach particular energy targets by SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) calculations. The lintels met the requirements for the house to pass, ensuring a high performing thermal envelope and an environmental dwelling was achieved. 

Catnic’s lintels are extremely user-friendly, the no paint spec makes them suitable for use straight away, with no need for an extra damp course. Maris Properties Ltd has used Catnic Lintels throughout previous developments, as a company it prides itself on creating quality homes, a service that correlates with Catnic’s service. Stephen Lavery, director at Maris Properties, explains why Catnic’s lintels are used: 

“Catnic lintels are not only high quality, lasting components but they also meet the demanding energy efficient targets we have to achieve. The lintel scheduling service helped us feel at ease when choosing lintels we wouldn’t normally use, we were very happy with the service we received, and always receive from Catnic.”