Arch Lintels Multiple Housing Development | Hope Park

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Catnic product: Standard & Special Lintels

Project name: Hope Park

Project type: Multiple housing development

Specifier: Bedaro

Location: Macclesfield

Bedaro used a traditional brick and block construction method, with a fully filled 100mm cavity to deliver the required energy efficiency in the building envelope.

Because the project is located in a conservation area it was an important element of planning approval that the pair of semi-detached homes and the block of four terraced homes were designed to reflect the architectural style of the area. As such semi-circular arch lintels are being used above the front doorways, while bay lintels are being used to support the downward load on a full height bay to the front of each home. Combined with facades finished in red brick, the homes will have a distinctly traditional appearance.

Catnic was selected to supply the lintels because it was able to adapt its special lintels to suit the specific requirements of Bedaro's building envelope on this project.

"We pride ourselves on the very high quality of our construction techniques. Specifying the best possible products for the job makes a major contribution to a very successful result. We have used Catnic lintels because it is a name we can trust to fulfill our own expectations of exceptional quality, meeting energy requirements, the performance standards demanded by the NHBC and structural characteristics of the projects."
– Mike Parkinson, Site Manager

Catnic manufactures its lintels from hot-dipped galvanized steel. For the unique Duplex corrosion protection a coating of thermal setting polyester powder is applied using an electrostatic process. High temperature curing then produces a tough durable surface to enable the product to be highly resistant to impact, abrasion and damage; this enables ease of on-site handling.

The free CLASS lintel scheduling service means specifiers and contractors can be confident in a 'right first time' order too. This combined with a 97% on time in full record means Catnic lintels arrive to site accurately, with no risk of delays due to wrong orders.

"Projects such as this emphasise the capabilities of special lintels; Bedaro is creating architecturally interesting facades using lintels which are engineered to meet their challenge."
– Richard Price, Technical director