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Catnic’s leading Thermally Broken Lintel range (also known as TBLs) was chosen for the Royal British Legion Industries’ (RBLI) Centenary Village in Kent.
Catnic product
Thermally Broken Cavity Wall Lintels
Project name
Centenary Village
Project type
Assisted Living Complex
Clague Architects

Catnic’s specialist, technical advice offered during the specification stage ensured that the right lintel was chosen for the project - each property will benefit from the TBLs’ strength and durability, as well easy compliance with the latest building regulations due to its outstanding thermal performance.

Catnic thermally broken cavity wall lintels installed at assisted living complex

The Centenary Village project looks to mark the military charity’s 100th year by providing veterans with housing and assisted living premises. Phase one of
the project was completed in 2017, when the Secretary of State for Defence announced the opening of two new buildings, named Victory House and Invictus Games House. The second phase, which has been funded solely by donations, is now underway and will see the construction of a further 22 apartments, 16 family homes and 24 assisted-living apartments, as well as a community hub (including a café and gym).

“To design a tranquil environment that can genuinely meet the unique and varied needs of the veterans that the RBLI supports, it was important for us to work closely with the charity and developer Barratt David Wilson Homes - as well as Catnic and its other supply chain partners - to ensure that their vision could be bought to life. Together, we have ensured that only the best quality building materials have been specified, and all partners can offer the technical knowhow and superior level of workmanship needed to deliver this project to the highest standard.”

Tom Atkins
Senior Architectural Technologist at Clague Architects
Thermally broken Catnic lintels installed at Centenary village

As a trusted supply chain partner of Barratt David Wilson Homes, Catnic was chosen to offer its specialist, technical advice during the specification stage to ensure that the right lintels were chosen. As well as the team’s expert knowledge, Barratt David Wilson Homes benefitted from the use of the Catnic Lintel Advanced Scheduling System – which is the most comprehensive lintel scheduling service available. Catnic’s industry leading Thermally Broken Lintel (TBL) was chosen for the project and will be installed across all properties constructed during phase two. To meet the requirements of the Building Regulations Part L 2013, the thermal performance of each building component should be carefully considered, to calculate its contribution to the overall heat loss for the property. The TBL has ensured easy compliance and offers the RBLI a high quality, long-lasting solution, with the added benefit of improved thermal efficiency.

“The TBL combines the strength of steel with the thermal insulating properties of a high-density, fire retardant core, to deliver industry leading linear thermal transmittance Psi values of 0.02 to 0.05 W/mK – thereby improving the overall energy efficiency of each property. In fact, the heat lost through window head details could be reduced by as much as 96%. Having worked with Barratt David Wilson Homes for many years and across numerous projects, we know they trust not only in the quality of our products but also in our team’s expert knowledge. When they approached Catnic, our team put together a full lintel schedule, outlining which lintels would be most appropriate, where they should be placed throughout each property, the overall cost and when the products could be delivered to site."

Craig Pickford
National Sales Manager – Developments at Catnic
Centenary village artist impression

“Catnic is a leader in its field, and the high quality of its TBL is testament to that. The team has been on hand at every stage of this project so far, offering technical support during the planning stages and now into the early stages of installation. I am thrilled that phase two of the Centenary Village is now underway and look forward to welcoming residents once it is complete.”

Matt Taylor
Head of Estates Development at the RBLI

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