Broaden Project Boundaries with Bespoke and Specialist Products

Bulls Eye

Using only standard, off the shelf products and finishes will restrict what designers can achieve in terms of creating buildings with a unique character. Bespoke lintels, versatile steel roofing and specialist interior finishing products can help achieve a design that moves beyond the usual styles.

One of the biggest restrictions on design freedom when it comes to the shape and layout of the building is the structural requirements. The size, shape and placement of doors, windows and feature glazing will often depend on having suitable lintels to support the structure. As such Catnic offers a range of ‘special’ lintels to allow designers to create anything from simple semi-circular arches to apex, gothic and venetian style arches - as well as bullseye lintels for circular window designs.

Catnic can also design and fabricate special ‘curved on plan’ steel lintels (also known as radius or bow lintels) that allow door and window openings to be created in a curved exterior wall. Catnic can manufacture each lintel to the required specification meaning there is no need to compromise on the design.

Similarly, designers may wish to push project boundaries with feature glazing or large format folding doors to connect the interior and exterior spaces of the property. From the building specifications, Catnic can manufacture bespoke extreme heavy-duty lintels enabling the creation of door or glazing openings up to an impressive 6.2 metres wide.

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Furthermore, a range of modern materials are now available for use as roofing and cladding. Standing seam roofing provides an excellent alternative to traditional systems. The versatile and highly adaptable steel systems, such as Catnic’s SSR2, allows for a wide range of roof shapes to be created from simple modern designs such as mono-pitch and saltbox style roofs to more complex profiles including butterfly, clerestory and double-pitched ‘M’ shaped roofs. These designs will give the property a distinctive look and even allow for alternative placements of the windows. Catnic’s team can assist with the planning and design of the roof as well as providing project support to ensure the best possible results.

In addition, when it comes to designing the look of the interior wall surfaces, specialist plasterers’ products can help make bespoke finishes simpler to achieve with a better final result. For example, high quality architrave bead can be used to create clearly defined shadow gaps around doors and above skirting boards. Catnic has an extensive range of plasterbead and mesh products designed just for professionals and made with precision from the highest quality materials.

Catnic’s technical team can provide advice and support at every stage of the project to help make the design intentions a reality whether it’s structural elements, roofing and cladding or high-end finishes