Galvanised Steel Verona Arch Former



Product Information

Product Type
Galvanised Steel Verona Arch Former
Plaster Thickness
Galvanised Steel


Product Code Weight (g/m²) Length (mm) Width (mm) Plaster Thickness (mm) Finish Pack Size
VE0750 2.8 434 439 12-19 Galvanised EA
VE0850 2.8 474 465 12-19 Galvanised EA
VE0900 3 514 519 12-19 Galvanised EA
  • For Arch Former installation, all backgrounds should be free of deleterious substances such as mould, oil and grease and be adequately prepared to accommodate the finished surface, all beading and attendant fixings at the specified depths. The use of sand or water contaminated with soluble salts in plastering mixes should be avoided, as should soluble chlorides as they are likely to increase the risk of metal corrosion.
  • For Verona arch former installation, measure the distance between the wall opening (brick to brick) and select the appropriate arch size. If renovating, remove existing plaster down to the masonry. Mark the centre of the aperture and position the first section of the arch to the wall and fix with the masonry nails provided. Fix the other sections in the same way, aligning them at the centre with the plastic joining pieces provided. All arches and soffit pieces should be joined with the self-tapping screws provided. The arch is completed by plastering directly onto the steel mesh, using a suitable material.
  • Manufactured from galvanised steel in accordance with BS EN 10346 – DX51D+Z275


Catnic Verona mesh arch forming kits, provide an easy way to create attractive internal arches, creating a smooth and even finish.
  • For walls of up to 160mm thick the frame sections are designed to be overlapped. For walls 160-300mm thick standard infill soffit pieces are provided to bridge the gap between the sections. If the thickness of the wall is between 300-565mm, an extra soffit piece is available. Each arch is supplied with installation instructions and a complete fixing kit. Soffit pieces are also included for walls up to 300mm thick.
  • Galvanised Steel mesh arch former are designed for internal use only.
  • Made from responsibly sourced materials
  • Made using lower carbon manufacturing

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