Galvanised Steel Rib Lath



Product Information

Product Type
Galvanised Steel Rib Lath
Plaster Thickness
Galvanised Steel


Product Code Weight (g/m²) Length (mm) Width (mm) Plaster Thickness (mm) Finish Pack Size
RIB184 27.4 2500 600 19 Galvanised 10
  • Catnic Rib Lath may be fixed to a solid background using proprietary fixings suitable for holding the sheets firmly in place. The edge Ribs should be nested with the apex of the Rib in contact with the background and fixed to the background at 150mm centres. Sheet ends should overlap by at least 100mm. A row of fixings should be applied at 600mm horizontal spacing, starting 350mm in from the sheet ends and 200mm in from each of the top and bottom sides (for horizontally positioned sheets). The use of sand or water contaminated with soluble salts in plastering mixes should be avoided, as should soluble chlorides as they are likely to increase the risk of metal corrosion. In external applications and in conditions where heavy condensation, persistent damp or regular exposure to moisture are likely, stainless steel should be specified.
  • Rib Lath fixing to timber supports should be fixed with the ribs running at right angles to the supports with the apex of the rib in contact with the support ensuring the spans do not exceed 600mm. The lath should be fixed to timber grounds using a nail or staple driven through every rib where it crosses each support.
  • Rib Lath fixing to steel channel, use 1.63mm or two strands of 1.22mm soft galvanized steel wire tied around the rib where it crosses each support. Lap ends of lathing over supports not less than 100mm and wire together with 1.63mm tying wire. Stainless steel tie wire should be used with stainless steel lath. Where laps between supports cannot be avoided, lap ends not less than 100mm and secure each pair of ribs together with two rows of 1.63mm tie wire at approximately 100mm centres. Sides of adjoining Rib Lath sheets should be pressed together with the edge rib of each sheet nested and tied with 1.22mm tying wire or punch fixed at centres no greater than 150mm.
  • Manufactured from galvanised steel to BS EN 10346 – DX51D+Z275 in accordance with BS EN 13658-1: Metal Lath and beads - definitions, requirements and test methods. Internal Plastering.


Catnic expanded steel Rib Lath is extensively used as a plaster background for walls and partitions.
  • RIB lath is ideal for refurbishing damaged or aged masonry walls, when a key for rendering is not certain due to disintegration of the wall face.
  • Galvanised steel RIB184 is suitable for ceiling and wall applications.
  • Made from responsibly sourced materials
  • Made using lower carbon manufacturing

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