Galvanised Steel Depth Gauge Bead



Product Information

Product Type
Galvanised Steel Depth Gauge Bead
Plaster Thickness
Galvanised Steel


Product Code Length (mm) Flange Width (mm) Plaster Thickness (mm) Pack Size
DG6/2.5 2500 21 6 50
  • For Depth Gauge Bead installation, all backgrounds should be free of deleterious substances such as mould, oil and grease and be adequately prepared to accommodate the finished surface, all beading and attendant fixings at the specified depths. The use of sand or water contaminated with soluble salts in plastering mixes should be avoided, as should soluble chlorides as they are likely to increase the risk of metal corrosion. In external applications and in conditions where heavy condensation, persistent damp or regular exposure to moisture are likely, stainless steel should be specified.
  • Using galvanised or stainless steel nails (compatible with bead material) complying with BS 1202: Part 1, fixed at a maximum of 600mm apart. When nailing to a solid background the line of the bead will follow the line of the background. Press the bead onto dabs of the same material as the undercoat; dabs should be applied at a maximum of 600mm apart. This method will even out minor irregularities in the line of the background, although the line of the bead will tend to generally follow the line of the background. When beads are used with metal lath backgrounds, galvanised or stainless steel tying wire may be used to secure the beads in position. Soft galvanised wire to BS 443 and soft stainless steel wire complying with BS 1554 should be used to match the bead and lath materials. All wires should be twisted tightly, and the ends bent away from the finished face of the coating
  • Manufactured from galvanised steel to BS EN 10346 – DX51D+Z275 in accordance with BS EN 13658-1: Metal Lath and beads - definitions, requirements and test methods. Internal Plastering.


Catnic Depth Gauge Bead provide a quick and accurate means of ensuring consistent, minimum plaster depths as plaster is simply ‘ruled off’ to leave the required thickness.
  • Depth Gauge Beads may be cut to length using tinman’s shears across the wings and a fine-toothed saw across bead noses.
  • Galvanised Steel beads are designed for internal use only.
  • Made from responsibly sourced materials
  • Made using lower carbon manufacturing

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