Galvanised Steel Expanded Coil Mesh



Product Information

Product Type
Galvanised Steel Expanded Coil Mesh
Plaster Thickness
Galvanised Steel


Product Code Weight (g/m²) Length (mm) Finish Pack Size
CM229/20 3.38 20000 Galvanised EA
  • Expanded coil reinforcement mesh is laid in strips between brick or block courses leaving approximately 25mm clearance from the faces of the work. Where the expanded coil mesh joins are required, ensure they overlap by at least 75mm. The reinforcement is then simply embedded in the mortar for the next course. In most instances, application every third course, for the full length of the wall, will be sufficient. For external wall applications use stainless steel product.
  • To reinforce brickwork at an opening, e.g. window or door, expanded coil reinforcement mesh should be installed to overlap part of the opening, and part of the solid wall. Thinking of the width of the opening, lay the mesh approximately a quarter of the way across the opening. The mesh should lie the same distance again, across the solid wall. Above windows or doors, install Catnic mesh for 2-3 courses, starting from the course above the lintel as shown below.
  • Manufactured from galvanised steel to BS EN 10346 – DX51D+Z275 in accordance with BS EN 13658-1: Metal Lath and beads - definitions, requirements and test methods. Internal Plastering.


Catnic Coil Mesh is an expanded steel mesh used as a non-structural anti-crack reinforcement in the design and construction of brick and block masonry.
  • Generally installed at areas of high stress concentration to dissipate these stresses to areas of low stress. A typical example would be at a point where the section of wall changes, such as at a door or window opening. The cracking of masonry due to changes in temperature, changes in moisture content and settlement of foundations can all be controlled by the use of block reinforcement.
  • Galvanised Steel anti-cracking reinforcement mesh is designed for use in construction of internal masonry.
  • Made from responsibly sourced materials
  • Made using lower carbon manufacturing

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