Stainless Steel Wall Tie



Product Information

Product Type
Stainless Steel Wall Tie
Plaster Thickness
Stainless Steel


Product Code Length (mm) Width (mm) Pack Size
BT2-4 120 19 250
  • Catnic Timber Frame Ties Type BT2-4 must be built into the bed joints of masonry to a minimum embedment length of 55 mm. Care must be taken to place them horizontally or with a slight fall to the outer leaf of the wall. Normal precautions must be taken to prevent mortar droppings and protrusions impairing the function of the drips.
  • The ties must be nailed through the sheathing to the centre of the timber stud, using the annular ring-shanked austenitic stainless steel nails, supplied by the manufacturer. The ties must be installed with the lug uppermost.
  • The ties must be spaced to give the required tie density.
  • Manufactured from high quality stainless steel to BS EN 10088-2-1.4301 (strip).


Catnic Timber Frame Ties Type BT2-4, when used in accordance with this Detail Sheet, are satisfactory for tying, over a nominal 50 mm cavity, a brickwork or blockwork outer leaf to the structural timber framework of domestic dwellings or industrial/commercial buildings of up to 12 m and four storeys
  • For wall tie density and windspeed refer to BBA certificate.

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