Lintel Applications

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Specifying the correct lintel is of vital importance for any structural project, to better understand the requirements of each lintel we've detailed their correct application in this section.

Online Lintel Selector Tool

Whether you're building a small extension or a few houses, we have a unique online tool that will assist you in choosing just the right product for the job.

Catnic's Lintel Selector is a user friendly feature that enables you to select a lintel fit for purpose. All you need is the basic information:

  • Wall construction: is it cavity wall, timber frame, external solid wall, internal solid wall?
  • How thick the masonry is going to be: will you be using block, brick or stone?
  • Lintel loading conditions: floor or roof loads need to be accounted for in addition to masonry loads, to determine whether your requirement is a light, standard, heavy or extreme load?