Confidex® Home Guarantee

Catnic® Urban benefits from the Confidex® Home guarantee.

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Catnic® Urban benefits from the Confidex® Home Guarantee. Offered free of charge directly to the homeowner, this 25 year warranty provides complete confidence in the quality of the advanced paint coating applied to the steel.

Catnic® Urban is manufactured from Tata Steel's Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel and offers excellent aesthetics, colour and gloss retention, corrosion resistance and is manufactured in the UK.

25 Year Warranty

Once installed, the homeowner simply needs to register the product directly with Tata Steel so that in the unlikely event of a claim, the process is simple and efficient. The 25-year protection is offered on the core range of colours, and applies when Catnic® Urban is used as roofing or cladding, and regardless of where the property is located – including coastal regions.

Catnic are proud to offer a new Confidex® Home guarantee to the residential market, and provide homeowners with the utmost confidence in our Catnic® Urban system. Fully and easily transferable in the event the property is sold to new owners, the 25 year guarantee is testament to the performance of the material and our confidence that it will stand the test of time. Tata Steel Colorcoat HPS200 Ultra® pre-finished steel is used across large commercial buildings through the UK, such as stadiums, schools and supermarkets, so homeowners can feel secure in choosing it for their home.

Homes Built for the future

Given the clear push on sustainability and in light of the Future Homes Standard, Catnic is pleased to introduce a ‘solar ready’ enhancement to the Tata Steel Confidex® Home Guarantee NEW for 2021. Helping developers, contractors and self-builders deliver homes built for the future when using our Catnic® Urban Standing Seam Roofing & Cladding.  

With the countdown to Net Zero well underway, there is a big emphasis on how we can all improve our sustainability and lessen our carbon footprint. The Future Homes Standard forms a key part of this; a new set of standards that will complement the Building Regulations, developed to ensure new homes are future-proofed with low carbon heating and world-leading energy efficiency.

Solar panels will have an important part to play in the delivery of this greener future, with the UK’s solar sector expected to double by 2030. As such, Tata Steel, the global steel manufacturer, has taken the decision to enhance the 25-year Confidex® Home Guarantee for the residential sector, making it ‘solar ready’. 

Tata Steel’s new ‘solar ready’ Confidex® Home will help developers and contractors in their delivery of greener homes, with the roofs ready for future solar panel installations. What’s more, the Guarantee enables developers to offer added peace of mind to prospective home buyers, with an additional 15 years on top of the 10-year NHBC guarantee. 

While, as a result of the Confidex® Home Guarantee being a direct agreement with Tata Steel, homeowners can benefit from the assurance that, in the unlikely event of a material fault, it can be promptly resolved and rectified, without the need to go via the supply chain or their home insurance. The Guarantee is also transferrable in the event of the property being sold and is written in accordance with consumer law.   

How to register

For further details on the terms and conditions and to register the Confidex® Home Guarantee, the homeowner simply has to complete a short online form and within 14 days they will receive a guarantee certificate via email.

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