Catnic® SolarSeam

A factory fitted lightweight standing seam roof with integrated solar panel

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Catnic® SolarSeam installed on property at Devon Holiday village
Catnic® SolarSeam installed on stunning property in Devon

Catnic® SolarSeam, powered by CIGs technology, is a flexible bonded alternative, that allows home owners to reap the rewards of solar power without sacrificing the overall aesthetic of their home as it blends seamlessly with the roof.  The lightweight solar panels are already laminated directly onto the Catnic® Urban standing seam profiles, so there is no requirement for a secondary structure to support the modules.  The solar laminate provides 135Wp/m2 of power.


  • Lightweight
  • Flexible & robust
  • Low level light performance
  • Low maintenance & self-cleaning
  • Plug & Play
  • Simple single installation
  • 10 year solar product warranty
  • 25 year solar performance warranty
  • MCS certified CIGS laminate

Catnic® SolarSeam comes complete with a full kit of parts making it simple for you to order all your roof needs at once including our Catnic Urban roof, solar panels, flashing and fixings. It also ensures that all roof components will work together technically and aesthetically, and that all parts are delivered together. 

The panels feature a built-in redundancy for cell connections which improves the factor of safety by design in the event of a cell being disconnected. They have improved low level light performance, even on cloudy days, which provides more consistent, and longer, periods of energy generation. There's more freedom of roof design as Catnic® SolarSeam can be used on roof pitches down to 5 degrees.    

Energy loss from debris build up is minimised as the solar module has a textured, Teflon type, self-cleaning top layer, providing superior self-cleaning properties, and minimising glare to enhance the light capture and energy performance. 

The energy output is maximised through the life of the solar panels as it is made up of multiple diodes and cell interconnections. This means that if any cells of the panel are shaded the unshaded cells will still work.  

Catnic® SolarSeam is available in profile widths of 514mm or 390mm in lengths to suit your roof and energy requirements, and will accommodate roof lengths from 1350mm and above.  

Homeowners can have peace of mind that the performance of their roof is guaranteed upon registration.

  • The 25 year Confidex® Home guarantee for the steel roof, guarantees that not more than 5% of the paint on the outward facing side of the product will be affected by peeling which includes roof flashings that we supply in our full kit of parts.
  • Solar performance and product guarantees are available on application.  The solar performance is guaranteed for 25 years and the solar product is guaranteed for 10 years.

Homeowners can also rest assured that their roof will perform as expected.

  • Catnic® Urban is BBA approved
  • The solar panels have been tested in combination with Catnic® Urban fixed to OSB to CEN-TS 1187-T4; EN13501-5 classification BROOF (t4); and are certified to MCS 017 


  • Our MCS certified solar panels blend seamlessly with your roof for uninterrupted aesthetics
  • Complete kit of part for your solar roof, only a certified MCS contractor is required post fit to connect the system.
  • Lightweight solar roof which offers savings on materials, installation and maintenance in comparison with standard crystalline panels
  • Peace of mind from a tested and guaranteed system upon online registration
  • Reduced risk as no leaks from solar mount penetrations; no additional wind loading; vandal and theft resistant; and durable
  • Available in profile widths of 514mm or 390mm in lengths to suit your roof from 1350mm and above. 
  • 135Wp/m2 power