MMC housing and extensions

Catnic Matrix can provide a well insulated, weathertight space built in just 2 days by using the Catnic® Matrix system for your roofs and walls.

We have installers all over the UK. Alternatively if you want to try building your own extension or house you can buy our panels flat pack and assemble yourself. We offer training in our warehouse so you can see how your system would go together.

In addition to our Catnic® Matrix insulated panels, for extensions, we supply a wide range of lintels for your external wall if you are looking for an open plan look, and wall ties to connect the system to your existing brickwork. The roof will feature our modern looking Catnic® Urban standing seam system, and the walls of your new room can then be finished externally with a brick slip to match the rest of your house, more Catnic® Urban standing seam or can be rendered with concrete in any color or design.

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What is Catnic Matrix? 

Find our more about our system from the features and benefits (including our 10 year warranty); the sustainability; and how our offsite panels are constructed.

Catnic Matrix Single Storey Extension