Catnic standard duty timber frame lintel for 70-85mm cavity wall shown in situ

Welsh developer specifies Catnic for his 'swansong'

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Catnic standard duty timber frame lintel for 70-85mm cavity wall shown in situ
Timber frame lintel construction

A vastly experienced property developer has paid Catnic lintels what is arguably the greatest possible tribute by including the company's products in the specification for his retirement home, as well as the other three exclusive houses he is constructing on a site in Llantrisant on Anglesey, North Wales.

As the owner of A & C Builders, Clive Pegg has constructed hundreds of houses across the country over the past 30 years, as well as undertaking specific commissions for other clients, and has generally chosen to use Catnic steel lintels: based on price and performance, as well as an element of national pride. Furthermore this latest project has also demonstrated the versatility of the manufacturer's timber framed lintel range.

He is therefore now very close to completing his and wife Lorraine's dream home. Inspired by a visit to the Ideal Home Exhibition back in the 1980s.

The other three dwellings on the site, two of which are also structurally finished, are either four bedroom with three bathrooms, or five bedroom with two bathrooms, and constructed to a similarly high specification.

While the oak posts and beams characterize the interior to Potton houses, there is a more conventional timber frame forming the external envelope. Each of the homes constructed by A & C Builders has used a dozen or more of Catnic's CTF5 Timber Frame lintels. These span a 50mm cavity from the structural inner wall to either the rendered blockwork or the randomly coursed Methios reconstituted stonework.

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