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The Catnic Thermally Broken Lintel range has been developed to provide the exact same safe working loads capacity of the standard Catnic range of cavity wall lintels. Offering a sophisticated, practical solution to the latest changes in Building Regulations, Catnic’s patent pending TBL range is the most thermally efficient steel lintel solution on the market.

The TBL innovation is the biggest evolution in steel lintel design for a generation. An elegant, simplistic design derived from extensive research and rigorous development testing.

This allows a very simple conversion from the existing Catnic cavity wall range to the TBL range without having to re-assess the loads over the lintels. The range has been designed to cover all building types from small domestic dwellings up to and including large apartment blocks with concrete floors.

The composite design means the lintel is very stable during installation, allowing it to be

installed in the same way as a standard steel lintel with no propping required. Lintel design has been completed in line with EN 845-2. Structural Testing was carried out by the University of South Wales following EN 846-9. The University of South Wales is a Notified Testing Laboratory for the Testing of Lintels as required by the Construction Products Directive.

In recent years, the housebuilding industry, government and Zero Carbon Hub have grown increasingly concerned over the potential gap between design and as-built energy performance.

The specifically designed flat top of Catnic’s Thermally Broken Lintel provides a simple, consistent junction with the cavity wall insulation removing the reliance on site workmanship, ensuring as built performance of the junction meets the design performance.

There are NO brackets connecting the inner and outer leaf of the lintel and therefore there are NO additional point thermal bridges that need to be considered.

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