CTJ90 Lintel and Box and Angle Lintels  for thin joint masonry construction

Thin-joint Lintels Help Frombridge Build Smarter

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CTJ90 Lintel and Box and Angle Lintels  for thin joint masonry construction
CTJ lintel

Despite being well established on the continent, the use of thin joint blockwork is something large sections of the UK building industry are still to embrace the advantages of. One contractor and developer is however, making full use of the technology - and the special Catnic lintels designed to work with adhesive bonded aircrete blocks - on a project in Gloucestershire.

Fromebridge Construction is building eight new homes on a brownfield site in Stroud on behalf of its client, Walsh Homes Ltd.

The four bedroom homes are being built with sustainability in mind and the 300mm wide wall construction helps to achieve excellent U values and an improvement in excess of 10% on 2010 Building Regulations.

All of the lintels have been supplied, along with other building materials, to Fromebridge Construction through Kellaway Building Supplies at Stonehouse in Gloucester.

The Thin joint lintels are formed in two parts to combat cold bridging, and while the overall wall width being built by Fromebridge is 305mm, the CTJ90 range is able to suit cavity widths from 90 to 150mm. The inner leaf support is achieved using a standard Catnic Box lintel, eliminating the need for propping during construction as the outer leaf lintel is attached later using the manufacturer's unique plastic fixings connection. The CTJ90 also closes the cavity, removing the need for an additional profile in this position.

This arrangement achieves reduced thermal bridging at the window head and the CTJ90 is suitable for use with a wide range of thin joint construction blocks.


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