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When specifying lintels for its new, large-scale housing development, Property Management Company AKI Ltd looked to Catnic’s Thermally Broken Lintel
Catnic product
Thermally Broken Cavity Wall Lintels
Project name
Lorton Park
Project type
Multiple Housing Development
AKI Ltd – Property Management Company

Lorton Park development has been designed and built with energy and water conservation in mind. With a particular importance placed on the selection and quality of the materials used, Catnic’s innovative TBL was specified for all 46 luxury properties, as its design achieves superior thermal performance, whilst offering the same stable installation benefits of a traditional cavity wall lintel.

BRE certified, the Catnic TBL range delivers industry leading linear thermal transmittance Psi values of 0.02 to 0.05 W/mK and safe working loads in line with Catnic’s existing Cavity wall lintels.

0.02 to 0.05 W/mK

Psi values

catnic TBL lintels installed at lorton park housing development
Lorton Park

“After comparing different lintels on the market it became clear that Catnic TBL’s were best suited to the specific project requirements. Due to the medium density concrete blocks being used onsite, AKI Ltd needed a product that could meet its thermal performance requirements and easily achieve the build’s load requirements – the composite design of the TBL made it the perfect choice.”

Chris Watts
Sales Manager at Jewson

The specifically designed flat top of Catnic’s Thermally Broken Lintel provides a simple, consistent junction with the cavity wall insulation. This removes the reliance on site workmanship, reducing the risk of a ‘performance gap’. There are also no brackets connecting the inner and outer leaf of the lintel and therefore there are no additional point thermal bridges that need to be considered

The large scale development project also benefited from Catnic Lintel Advance Scheduling System (CLASS). Through the fully comprehensive scheduling service, Catnic’s expert team created a concise document which detailed lintel descriptions, price, delivery time and a guaranteed structural accuracy.

Catnic lintel installed at Lorton park housing development
Lorton Park

“This has been a huge, complex project and we needed a product that could deliver on the specific structural and thermal requirements. As the only lintel on the market with a complete thermal break, it seemed like the ideal product. I was particularly impressed by the Catnic team who provided us with a full design and specification for the entire development.”

Mr Hidari

For further information on Catnic’s Thermally Broken Lintel range, please visit Thermally Broken Lintels | Catnic

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