Cavity Weep Vents - Type WV

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For ensuring removal of water from cavities

DPC and cavity tray installations over openings require weeps to discharge collected water from the cavity above. Cavity Weep Vents also assist in draining interstitial condensation, which can contribute to moisture tracking across the cavity.

The design of Cavity Weep Vents type WV also provides an aesthetically pleasing solution, as the front face of the weep vent blends unobtrusively into the masonry.

Technical requirements

NHBC Standards: Where fair faced masonry issupported by lintels: weep holes should be provided at maximum 450mm intervals. Each opening should have at least two weep holes.

Zurich Municipal: In localities of moderate exposure or worse, or where full cavity fill is used, cavity trays should be adequately drained through weep holes spaced at no more than 1 metre apart, with at least two per opening.


BS Polypropylene in grey, beige and terracotta to match mortar.

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