We're a member of Europrofiles

Euro Profiles

Europrofiles - the Plaster Profile Manufacturers’ Trade Association,  represents plaster profile manufacturers of all types and sizes. The current membership ranges from owner managed firms to quoted international groups, making Europrofiles one of Europe’s most influential associations for plaster profile manufacturers. We’re proud to be part of this growing association together with Catnic Germany who are one of its founding members.

The association is established as a voluntary, unincorporated association of building products’ manufacturers, specifically metal plaster profiles, to represent their common interests.

The purpose of the association is:

  • to promote and publicise the sale and use of metal plaster profiles;
  • to support the development of specifications and standards for metal plaster profiles within a legally acceptable framework;
  • to represent industry members to official bodies with respect to the legal, commercial, technical and other interests of the sector;
  • to collect technical information of interest and distribute it to all parties involved in the manufacture and use of metal plaster profiles;
  • to collect and distribute information relevant to members in the field of environmental protection, co-ordinate the work of members in preparing technical standards for the sector and discuss new environmental requirements;
  • to co-ordinate and give consideration to new technical developments, trends in research and development and research and development projects promoted by the European Union, as well as the opportunity for legally permitted and appropriate research efforts;
  • to participate generally in all legally permitted and reasonable activities for the benefit of the members, their customers and other parties with an interest in building products (metal plaster profiles).