May Events: SSR2® and Thermally broken lintels


Throughout May, Catnic will be showcasing its latest product innovations across the UK. Trade exhibitions are an ideal opportunity for visitors to gain first hand experience with Catnic’s extensive product range, as well as ask our expert teams any questions they may have about the full Catnic portfolio.

 ecoSHOWCASE at the ILEC Exhibition Centre, London – 15th May

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buildeng Scotland at Glasgow Caledonian University, Glasgow – 16th May

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The experienced Catnic team will be focussing on two key products at both events this month. The first being the SSR2® Roofing and Cladding system, a cost-effective alternative to materials such as zinc. The system is seven times lighter than traditional clay or slate equivalents and can be used for pitched roofs as low as 5°.


Manufactured from Tata Steel’s Colorcoat Ultra® pre-finished steel, the system is rated ‘A+’ within the BRE Green Guide and BBA approved. Providing a modern aesthetic, SSR2® is available in eight different colours and with a Galvalloy® metallic coating. The system can either make a visual impact or the tonal matt colours can blend harmoniously with the existing urban landscape - providing a sustainable and modern roofline for any property.


Visitors to both exhibitions will be able to receive information on the free SSR2® training courses held at Catnic’s training centre in Caerphilly, aimed at providing a practical overview of the system and guidance on all stages of the installation process.


Catnic’s Thermally Broken Lintel (TBL) range – the most thermally efficient steel lintel solution on the market – will also be a main feature at each event. A milestone in steel lintel engineering, the range offers a practical solution to meet both Building Regulations and a ‘fabric first’ approach to building design. The unique lintels deliver the thermal performance of two separate lintels, reducing heat loss through window head details by a significant 96%.


Crucially, the range also provides the same safe working loads as the rest of the Catnic lintel range, meaning customers can easily convert from traditional lintels to TBL without concerns about structural stability. Finally, the TBL range has been designed to cover all building types from small domestic dwellings to large apartment buildings, including concrete floor loads.